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The evolution of home wiring from the 80’s through today:


What You Want

A MultiMedia outlet which supports current and future technology with:
Two video connections, one for satellite or cable and a second for high-def antenna, dual tuner satellite or video distribution, plus;

Two 8-pin network jacks.  This can be four phone lines out of one port and a high-speed network jack, or two network jacks.  It is interchangeable!

Entertainment outlet

Recently, with the addition of interactive services built into TV's or Blu-Ray players and the popularity of gaming systems that can connect to the internet, it is best to have even more network connections in your primary viewing room.


Prewire for high-definition satellite, HD antenna and wireless broadband.  Any service is easy to add and can be expanded or reconfigured even if you move your office or TV's.

Reassign phone to network, or back again, in seconds.

Individual wires to each room allow instant connections and simple troubleshooting.

Premium cable amplifier with modem output protects signal quality through the system.

What You Get

A phone jack, for maybe two lines, that can't be converted to network.

An outlet that works only with regular cable.

Nothing.  Adding satellite service requires stapling wire to the exterior of your home then connecting it into your cable service box on the side of your home, or, worse yet, drilling into the walls to wire directly to the receivers. Inflexible and still doesn't support other devices or services.  Avoid those hassles with a Structured Wire System.

No versatility, no expansion.

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