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Leak Detection with Automatic Water Shut-Off


Water leakage and damage is the most common insurance claim.
Every year nearly 2,000,000 homes experience severe damage
due to common plumbing problems.

Property damage caused by aging and faulty plumbing costs homeowners billions of dollars each year.  Many valuables are difficult or impossible to replace, such as; artwork, antiques, computer data, photographs, collectibles and other heirlooms.

Flood & Temp sensor_FT1-345

Insurance helps ease the burden of repairs but really can’t replace your valuable property nor alleviate the hassles and anguish associated with a devastating flood loss.

Water sensor with integrated freeze detector

Automatic water shut-ff valve.  Fits 1/2” through
1 1/4” main lever valves.

Bulldog Water Valve Robot2

Water sensors detect a leak; temperature sensors protect against burst pipes; and the security system's touch screen  keypad gives everyone in your home a quick and convenient way to control the water supply. Together, these components work to protect your home against future losses and possible loss of insurance

A security system, if properly monitored, can even alert you to a water “event” so that you may take action to safeguard your home and valuables.

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